Job Description: Chief Senior Manager

This document sums up the broad responsibility expected from the Chief Senior Manager

Planning and Policy duties

  • Formulate the yearly plans in collaboration with Board
  • Implement and update the plans; supervise implementation by staff members under his/her direction.
  • Plan new projects
  • In collaboration with the Executive Director/Board, elaborate a corporate image for the Foundation, implement it and ensure its observance at all levels.
  • Ensure good functioning of the administration level of the Foundation.

Organizationaland Development duties

  • Create/maintain the organization chart of the Foundation
  • Assist in making job descriptions for staff members
  • Monitor the targets set for staff
  • Conduct the Annual Performance Appraisal;including counseling, distributing rewards and penalties
  • Monitor and implement staff development, training, skills upgrades etc.
  • Monitor and implement staff coaching to ensure optimal performance and development
  • Apply Personnel Manual and procedure rules
  • Assist in the recruitment of new staff

Administrative duties

  • Oversee filing and document maintenance including digital storage processes (backups etc.)
  • Ensure timely and correct reports for all stakeholders
  • Custodian of the Personnel Manual and the Financial Manual of the Foundation

Education level and capacities required

  • Masters Degree in Management or similar field
  • Six years of demonstrated experience at an organization
  • Able to recognize market trends and translate them into opportunities for the Foundation
  • Analytical and decisive –identify problems and solutions. Ability to express opinions and take action
  • Good communicator
  • Accuracy and eye for details
  • Good writing skills in English
  • Language: Fluency in Dzongkha and English. One who can speak Sharchop would be an added value in order to be able to communicate with all the nuns throughout the country.
  • Empathy for Buddhist nuns and a capacity to identify with their way of life
  • Willingness and ability for multitasking