Dear Volunteer,

Firstly, the Bhutan Nuns Foundation team would like to thank you for taking this initiative of providing us support by volunteering to work at our construction site at Tshalumaphey which will benefit all nuns across the  country and women who want to engage in spiritual pursuits/education.

We truly appreciate the value of your time and commitment put forth by those who have chosen to spend their free time volunteering. Your initiative will help to fulfil BNF’s Vision/Mission which is dedicated to improving the basic living condition, food, medical care, basic to higher education in existing nunneries and working towards sustainability and self sufficiency through trainings and creating innovative education opportunities beyond the usual rituals.

We would like to inform you the following so that it can be shared with your colleagues, friends & family who are interested in volunteering:

  1. Although, it may seem odd, all volunteers are requested to kindly bring in a minimum of Nu. 1 OR Nu. 5 to be put in the Donation box which is located just at the entry point close to the project map drawing at the construction site. This is mainly to keep a head count of the volunteers.
  2. A list of names of the Volunteers from the organisation/focal member.
  3. As there is no facility of drinking water and food facilities close by and BNF do not provide food, we request you to kindly arrange your own food and drinks while you are at the site.
  4. A member from BNF will be there to receive you on the respective day. The time can be coordinated.
  5. For your information, our workers start their work from 7.30am-4.30 pm (Winter timing) & 7am-5 pm (Summer timing) 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) with lunch break between 12-1.30 pm (1 and half hour).
  6. All vehicles can access the road up to the temple ground with limited parking space, so we encourage volunteers to pool car amongst respective group.
  7. It would be good if you can carry hats & gloves.

In the event you or your family and friends would like to support in the future, please feel free to contact BNF office at this +975 02 334502/17110089 or 77107799 or email us at If you need further clarification, please contact Ms. Karma Dolkar at this email

Thank you once again!

From BNF Team