The Bhutan Nuns Foundation will be organizing a contemplative (silent) walk to Kuensel Phodrang (Buddha Point) on May 21st 2016, at 6AM sharp. This is to carry on the positive energy and momentum from the very successful historical and meritorious walk we had from Tamcho to Lhaiding in November 2014.

We invite you all to join us on this very auspicious day of Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana. We are hoping that His Holiness, the Je-Khenpo and the Five Eminent Lopens from Zhung Dratshang conduct brief prayers and blessing session at the commence of the walk in will send us off from the Buddha Temple at the Dzong with a brief prayer and blessings.

We request the participants to bring your own water and snacks for the walk. We will be providing you with tea and snacks at the arrival point.

BNF is seeking sponsorships through this walk for contruction of Classrooms (highlighted in colour) for the Nuns Training Centre.

BNF is seeking sponsorships through this walk for contruction of Classrooms (highlighted in colour) for the Nuns Training Centre.

As mentioned above the walk from the Dzong will be in pin drop silence to encourage reflection and positive thoughts. Once we reach Buddha Point, we will all gather inside the temple and sit together for a dedication prayer.

After the dedications, we invite you to make whatever contributions you wish toward the cause of supporting our nuns. The funds collected from this walk will go directly toward the classroom construction of our Training Centre at Tshalumaphey. Please look for the table and make your contributions.

We encourage walkers to reach out to your friends and family members to sponsor your walk to help them participate in spirit.[hr height=”30″ style=”default” line=”default” themecolor=”1″]

When and Where to gather:

  1. Please gather at Changlimithang at 6:30AM sharp. Look for city buses and get on the bus to go and get blessings from HH Je-Khenpo.
  2. After receiving blessing from Je-Khenpo, go back to your buses where it dropped you off. The bus will then bring you to Druk School and we will walk from Druk School to Buddha Point. We should be able to move from Druk School by 8AM.

It is a short distance, so don’t rush. Let’s walk slowing and mindfully. Please bring your own water.

Come with proper outfit to get blessings and bring a Khada (white scarf)

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Please call following BNF officials to register for the walk.

Ms. Kezang Tshomo: 17459159

Ani Namgyel Lhamo: 17852497

Ms: Karma Dolkar: 17110089

Ms. Sonam Wangmo: 17555646

We hope to see you all on May 21st 2016 at Changlingmethang by 6:30AM to start the walk.[hr height=”30″ style=”default” line=”default” themecolor=”1″]