The Consumers Association of Penang organized the Consumer Education Programme for Friends From Bhutan in Recsam Education Center, Penang, Malaysia, and was a great success.

The majority of the 16 participants were Buddhist nuns from Bhutan, lead by the Executive Director of Bhutan Nuns Foundation (BNF). The training took place from 21st to 30thaugust 2016.


Participants in one of the sessions.

Participants learned a great deal, starting from what aspects one should be aware of about whatever item one consumes and to check the safety of the food one eats. It was really an eye-opening experience for many of the participants who are generally not knowledgeable about what they eat and drink, especially if they are imported goods.

At CAP office

At CAP office

The training began with a lecture on the International Consumer Movement and its impact on people’s health in Malaysia and around the globe. It explored consumer culture today, especially among the younger generation, and presented various ways and means to promote awareness, as well as for hands-on practical work on organic farming techniques etc. Participants found this information inspiring, and were excited and very keen to share it with friends, families and their local communities in Bhutan.


The friendship tree

The ultimate goal of the training is that the participants will create a ripple effect for greater impact among the communities we live in. At the end of our training, we realized that cooking and eating at home with the organic vegetables grown in our own backyard like many of us try to do in Bhutan is the healthiest way to live our lives.

The amazing care and hospitalities shown by the CAP office and their staff was incredibly heart-warming. In the hope to see this friendship prosper and to strengthen our common bond, we auspiciously planted a Rambutan tree on the last day of our training which we hope will soon bear fruit!


Participants pose for group photo at Paro International Airport