His Majesty the King Awards National Order of Merit (Gold) to BNF

We are pleased to share with all of you, who are connected with Bhutan Nuns Foundation (BNF), that on the 17th December 2016, the 109th National Day of Bhutan, the BNF among several other NGOs received a National Order of Merit (Gold) recognition award from His Majesty the King.

This is an honor that goes to everyone who is involved with BNF in every way big and small. It is a joint effort of all our supporters throughout the world and the prayers of our nuns and the BNF staff who have contributed their time and effort tirelessly to this cause. More so the valuable guidance of Her Majesty the Queen Mother the Patron of the Foundation. It is you all who made me proud to stand in front of the nation to receive the award (Merit Gold), from our beloved King. With this award, I believe we become ever more responsible to serve our and country with dedication.

Congratulations to all of us!!

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