Prayers for Sandra Hay

Friends of Sandra may contribute to the Bhutan Nuns Foundation in appreciation of prayers which the nuns are offering. BNF Advisory Board member Kutira Décosterd has requested these prayers for Sandra, who passed on April 3, 2021.

Sandra Hay

In 2003, Sandra traveled to Bhutan to support director Khyentse Norbu’s film, “Travellers and Magicians”, the first feature film shot entirely in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Her company, Unseen Pictures, produced music driven projects with an emphasis on spirituality and transformation. Sandra and her husband Matt Marshall have provided ongoing guidance and support for Earthdance music festivals, synchronized in a single, global moment of intention and prayer for peace each September.

Kutira writes, “Sandra’s picture is distributed to all of the nunneries so the nuns can focus on her with the prayers of receiving the medical treatment without resistance, prayers of obstacles removing and many other prayers as well.

“When I spoke with Dr. Tashi Zangmo, she said: ‘Even if we don’t see with our naked eyes, miracles can happen.’

“And as she said those words my house lit up with the sun rays for the first time in two days. The clouds parted and I felt my heart got lighter after the heavy rain we had here on Maui. That alone was already a miracle for me. Wow. This time my tears were pouring down with the salt of grace.

“After the call with Bhutan, I called Matt and shared with him that Dr. Tashi said it is important to let Sandra know to receive the prayers with an open heart. Well, we all know how big her heart and love is for us all. This will hopefully be the best and most soothing “treatment” she received so far.”.

Please Contribute in Honor of Sandra Hay

For tax purposes, donors in the United States can give to the Bhutan Nuns Foundation through the US-based Bhutan Foundation by filling out this form.

You may select an amount of your choosing by rolling over the “Other” button (under the Amount heading) on the form, and entering the US dollar amount you wish to contribute. Next, indicate a One Time Donation if you so choose.

To ensure your contribution is earmarked for Sandra, check the box next to “I would like to dedicate this donation” which will result in options appearing under a new section that begins with “Complete the following fields”. Under “Type of Tribute”, select “In Honor Of” and then under “Tribute Name”, enter her name, “Sandra Hay”. You do not need to complete the information shown after “Send Notification To” unless you wish someone else to be notified of your contribution. The BNF and Kutira will receive notification as a matter of course.

Finally, please enter your contact information after that, and then your credit card information.

Alternatively, you may mail a check noted as being in honor of Sandra Hay to:

The Bhutan Foundation
1050 Connecticut Ave NW #66013
Washington, DC 20035

For other options such as Venmo or PayPal, please contact and she can forward your contributions to the nuns.

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