The Bhutan Nuns Foundation’s long dream has finally come to fruition. We are very happy to thank all our supporters and well wishers around the world for their continued support to make this dream come true. This particular day is very important to us because this day is also recognized as the Nuns Day in the nation. In honor of these meaningful occasions, we opened our Training and Resource Centre’s (TRC) door to the graduate nuns from Sanchhen Dorji Lhendrup Nunnery in Punakha, and two other nuns who have graduated from Taktse College of Language and Culture Studies in Tongsa. They will be the first batch of nuns to reside at the TRC and receive training of trainers (TOT) at this newly build centre.

If it wasn’t the COVID-19, we were planning to inaugurate the centre participated by our supporters and represented by Buddhist nuns from around the world. However, we hope that we will still have this opportunity once the world overcomes the pandemic.

The nuns residing here and getting ready to receive the trainings feel very fortunate and are looking forward to gain the knowledge it provides and disseminate to the larger society. One or two qualified nuns from various nunneries will participate on ongoing basis.

We are also very happy to be able to launch the framework of the training manuals, which comprises of 38 modules that will be implemented at the centre for the nuns and we hope that interested lay young girls and women will also join the activities and take advantage of what the centre has to offer.

Once again, we thank everyone out there who has been part of this project directly or indirectly. Without everyone’s generous support, this would not have been possible. Some of the structures are still under work in progress however, majority of the much-needed buildings are ready to run, thus we decided to go ahead and start the training program.

Lastly but not the least, without Her Majesty, Queen Mother, the patron of the foundation’s constant inspiration, none of this would have been possible. Therefore, the nuns of Bhutan and the BNF staff thank Her Majesty for her unconditional motherly compassionate guidance and being there for every step we took towards accomplishing this dream.

May Buddha and Bodhisattvas be always with us.

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