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Seeking Sponsors for Traditional Wooden Shingles


We are looking for sponsors to support the traditional Wooden Shingles for the roof for the next phase of Traditional Village we are creating with Tshalumaphey Training Centre for the Nuns and other women pursuing spiritual practice. We need 7000 (seven thousand) shingles for the next phase of our construction which comprises of Conference/multipurpose hall

Seeking Sponsors for Traditional Wooden Shingles2019-11-03T15:00:15-08:00

Inviting applications


ARCHIVED ANNOUNCEMENT The Bhutan Nuns Foundation (BNF) is calling for five young women, who have completed college or high school and are interested in pursuing spiritual path as Nuns, to apply for development programme intended to groom a core group of nuns to in time manage and run BNF’s Training Centre. It will include programmes on

Inviting applications2016-11-24T10:04:59-08:00

Summary Report of a BNF Volunteer Dentist


Summary Report of a BNF Volunteer Dentist A renowned German Dentist, Mr. Frank Schneehage, was here in Bhutan from August 5th to 17th. While in Bhutan, he treated about 106 nuns in 3 different nunneries. His programme to cover the Eastern part of Bhutan had to be cancelled due to heavy rain fall, landslides, and

Summary Report of a BNF Volunteer Dentist2019-11-03T17:17:45-08:00

The CAP Regional Training No.32: The Consumer Association of Penang


The Consumers Association of Penang organized the Consumer Education Programme for Friends From Bhutan in Recsam Education Center, Penang, Malaysia, and was a great success. The majority of the 16 participants were Buddhist nuns from Bhutan, lead by the Executive Director of Bhutan Nuns Foundation (BNF). The training took place from 21st to 30thaugust 2016.

The CAP Regional Training No.32: The Consumer Association of Penang2016-09-07T22:24:45-07:00

Tzu Chi Buddhism in Action


Visiting the Tzu Chi kidney Dialysis Centre and their recycling centre was a great and constructive experience for our monks and nuns, and for the other few NGO participants. Many activities we participated were very similar to what BNF has been trying to advocate to our nuns throughout BNF’s trainings. We all came back with

Tzu Chi Buddhism in Action2016-09-07T19:23:02-07:00

Visit to Kasih Hospice Care Society (KHC), Kuala Lumpur


Another successful programme was the visit to the Kasih Hospice Care Society, a non-profit organization, established in 1997 together with other committee members of Losang Dragpa Buddhist Society. It provides hospice services to patients with terminal illnesses in line with the Buddhist philosophy of universal compassion in dealing with the living and the dying. This

Visit to Kasih Hospice Care Society (KHC), Kuala Lumpur2016-09-07T19:11:39-07:00

An Agent of Change: Empowering Bhutanese Nuns


By Craig Lewis Buddhistdoor Global | 2016-08-12 | Nestled between China and India on the eastern edges of the mighty Himalayas, the tiny Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan is remarkable for a number of reasons. Perhaps best known for prioritizing “Gross National Happiness” over the shortsighted acquisitiveness of economic growth and for its sustainable approach to

An Agent of Change: Empowering Bhutanese Nuns2020-02-07T11:10:40-08:00
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