Training & Resource Centre:

Since 2014, the Bhutan Nuns Foundation has been developing and constructing its new Training and Resource Centre (TRC) at Tsalumaphay, near the country’s capital of Thimphu. The TRC provides a space for the nuns, plus other women and girls, to come together, share and learn from each other. Each may develop themselves, by acquiring various skills necessary to meet the challenges of modern day society.

A major part of the TRC infrastructure has been completed, with the construction of approach roads and several buildings. Currently, classrooms/training rooms, a library/resource centre, and residential facilities including kitchen and dining areas are finished. An extension of the old temple and a conference/training hall are under construction.

In May 2019, the first resident nuns arrived, and are now serving children of the laborers on site. Scheduled to open fully in 2020, the Centre will provide a full range of programs for female monastics and lay women following the Buddhist path, and serve as a retreat center offering meditation and regenerative workshops, trainings and classes.

With the help of a team of women leaders, nuns, BNF board and staff and an external resource person, we have created a framework for a strategic plan, as follows:

Overview and Rationale of the Training & Resource Centre

The Centre will be a space for nuns, nunnery managers, women and youth, to come, learn and share with each other and those around them. Afterwards, they will return to their nunneries, homes, communities and society to promote spiritual and psychological values, well-being and welfare in the context of modern-day life and living.

The Training Centre will also be a Resource Centre for research and learning – to understand how the Centre and the nuns can stay continually relevant to needs of the times. We will consider what new skills are needed for nuns, and how to further develop Nuns as skilled resource persons to train and guide other nuns, nunneries, women and youth and contribute to the development of the wider society around them.

Purpose & Goal of the Training & Resource Centre Programmes

Activities promote Nuns as active agents of social change, trained, capable and empowered social workers, spiritually guided, and relevant to the context, issues and problems of the modern times, and contributing to the spiritual, psychological and physical well-being of nuns, nunneries and the society and communities around them, particularly women and youth who face problems or need guidance and support.