Traditions and Progress

Building Design and Construction

Situated alongside an historic temple, the Training and Resource Centre includes completed buildings such as a library/resource centre, classroom/training rooms and residential facilities. Conference and training halls with modern equipment and facilities are the next priorities to be developed, for which funding is now being sought.

Though the buildings are new, they utilized traditional Bhutanese rammed-earth construction techniques. The country adheres to strict building requirements, for example requiring artistic decorations on the eaves.

Management & Personnel

Staff requirements:

The following key personnel will be required to carry forward the objectives and activities of the TRC. We seek funding for hiring and maintaining the following
personnel for the running of the TRC for a period of five years.

  • TRC Coordinator (one) – to oversee the smooth functioning of the training programmes, including management, financial, logistics, and liaison with relevant authorities and organizations
  • Training Coordinator (one) – to plan and oversee training design, technical inputs into training, organize trainings, organize TOTs, supervise training team
  • Master Trainers (three) – to develop trainings and team of trainers and facilitators with inputs from technical experts in relevant fields
  • Trainers and Facilitators (ten) – to conduct trainings at the field level on different topics and issues as well as organize events and activities at the TRC
  • Administration Support staff (three) – for finance & accounting, administration, and logistics
  • Assistants (seven) – driver, messenger, guard, kitchenstaff, cleaning and maintenance

Equipment and materials requirements:

  • Furniture and fixtures for training rooms – chairs, tables, white boards, flip chart and VIPP card boards,
  • Multi-media, projector, TV, computers, laptops, and accessories
  • Transport