Nunneries in Bhutan

Unlike the monasteries for men and boys that are beneficiaries of state or private support, nunneries in Bhutan receive no government funding. Private and community support is also extremely limited, leaving the girls and women in many nunneries vulnerable and neglected. Thus, their potential to serve society and contribute to its collective happiness is not being realized.

Overall, few of Bhutan’s nunneries provide a completely proper learning environment. There is great potential and a passion for nuns to receive good educations at nunneries. However, many lack standardized curriculum or evaluation systems. Above all, most do not have qualified teachers, who are committed and have the capability to provide a proper education, either for spiritual enrichment or for a productive lay life for those who decide to leave the nunneries.

Improving nuns’ living conditions and education will greatly assist in Bhutan’s drive to achieve “Education For All” within the framework of Gross National Happiness (GNH). A significant number of young women throughout Bhutan become nuns at some stage of life. As a result, it is critical they receive proper attention.

Nuns also play a crucial role in preserving Bhutan’s traditions and culture, essential to achieving GNH. This is a philosophy all about balancing material wants with spiritual needs. A woman who has spent some part of her life pursuing spirituality appears likely to live her own life in moderation and contribute to the happiness of others in a world where consumer ethics prevail.

Throughout the country, nuns serve as role models for grassroots women. This is especially significant now, as outside influences severely impact traditional values. Helping nuns benefits all women, girls and youth throughout Bhutan, especially in rural areas.

List of 28 Nunneries in Bhutan
Western Region: Paro/Punakha/Thimphu/Wangduephodrang
S.No Name of the Nunnery Location/Dzongkhag Level of  Education No.of Students
1 Dechen Yangtse Nunnery , Kila Goenpa Paro Shedra 55
2 Jachung Karmo Punakha Drubdey 10
3 Sangchen Dorji Lhundrup Nunnery , Walakha Shedra 130
4 Peljor Choeling (Lower Doranghang) Shedra 50
5 Peljor Choeling (Upper Doranghang) Drubdey 24
6 Zhechen Ugyen Choedzong Nunnery , Wangsisina Thimphu Shedra 130
7 Thangtong Dewachen Nunnery , Zhilukha Dratshang 55
8 Neylung  Dragchenling Nunnery Phobjikha, Wangduephodrang Lobdra 35
Central Region: Bumthang/Sarpang/Trongsa/Zhemgang
S.No Name of the Nunnery Location/Dzongkhag Level of  Education No.of Students
1 Pema Dechog Choling Nunerry, Tang Bumthang Shedra 130
2 Ngajur Shedrupcholing Nunnery, Gelephu Dratshang 20
3 Sherabcholing Nunnery Dratshang 35
4 Kadag Choeling Nunnery,Samcholing Trongsa Dratshang 20
5 Karma Drubdey Pelmo Choeki Dhingkha Nunnery, Kuengarabten Kuenga Rabten, Trongsa Shedra/Drubdey 150
6 Yoeselchoeling Nunnery, Pangbang Zhemgang Dratshang 20
7 Pema Choephel Ling Nunnery Dratshang 8
Eastern Region:Monggar/ Pemagatshel/Samdrupjongkhar/Trashigang
S.No Name of the Nunnery Location/Dzongkhag Level of  Education No.of Students
1 Shedrup Choekhorling Nunnery , Tsamang (Bumthang branch) Monggar Lobdra 30
2 Yeshey Chogyelling Nunnery, Tsakaling Lobdra 22
3 Losel Yangchenling Nunnery, Yagpogang Lobdra 25
4 Woesel Choling Nunnery , Upper Chotpo Pemagatshel Dratshang 15
5 Ugyen Phuntshochoeling Nunnery, Lower Chotpo Dratshang 10
6 Lhundupchoeling Nunnery, Jashar Goenpa Dratshang 15
7 Ugyen Thegchog Yangtse, Toedpalung Dratshang 25
8 Ngajur Dolma Lhakhang Nunnery, Shinkhar Lauri Samdrupjongkhar Dratshang 7
9 Ugyen Samten choling, Keptang Dratshang 5
10 Sherab Yoesel Choling, Martshala Dratshang 25
11 Ugyen Dakaling Nunnery, Diafam Dratshang 15
12 ThegChog Kuenzang Choden Nunnery, Rangjung Trashigang Shedra 130
13 Samtencholing Nunnery , Mukazoor, Wamrong Dratshang 25
Total Nuns 1221